Meet Our Team

Jesus Rafael Burgoa

Founder & CEO

Evelin Espinoza

Co-Founder & CTO

Our Message

My passion for Webssey began as an idea that stemmed from my ever-growing distrust of social media. Every day, we blindly trust the way social media handles and uses our personal data. Social media has always placed privacy as an afterthought, but we at Webssey are finally putting our foot down to develop a change. Our vision is to combine creativity, technology, and practical software integrations to create a product designed with the privacy and protection of the consumer in mind. It is simply devastating that we have to list privacy as a feature when we wholeheartedly believe that privacy is the foundation of earning your trust.

Your support, no matter its size, is allowing us to build our vision of Webssey. We invite you to join us as we achieve every milestone closer to a secure social media platform with you as our priority.