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Explore the magic of decentralized social media

Explore the magic of decentralized social media

Digital Ownership

Having your content and account stored in an encrypted system that is only accessible through your seed phrase (password), you can truly own your digital identity. Your content, your data.

Content Monetization

Having your content tied to the blockchain (money native systems) enables easy and quick earning capabilities.

Decentralized Account

Similar to digital ownership, you can now truly own your online identity. This also gives you a censorship resistant option!

Ready To Use

Tips to Post

Your content can now be tipped by generous audiences!

Creator Coins

You can invest in your favorite creators like investing in stocks for companies!

Enhanced UI/UX

DeSo has some great apps, but we aim to be the cleanest and most simple to use!

Sneak Peak

User Subscription

Subscribe to your favorite creators or set your own pay walled content for your devoted fans!

Promoted Content

We can help your brand or business elevate the algorithm!

User Digital Shops

Expand your brand or business with our simple shop interface templates!

How Does It Work?

In short, we make innovation easy.

Connect your Deso Account

Login like any other DeSo app.

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Promote your business or brand(s).


Get monetized by your supporters.